Partnerships, acquisitions and investment news throughout the cycling industry

Channel 4 drop Tour de France

Well, our fears have proven well-founded, featuring cricket has indeed taken precedence over Channel 4s long-running coverage of the worlds biggest annual sporting spectacle

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Atlas wants European partner for supplying tech info on high-end bikes

Atlas Cycles Industries Ltd, one of Indias leading bicycle manufacturers, wants to add new high-end models to its existing range of Indian roadsters. The company is looking for a European partner who could lend technical support and enter into a buyback arrangement for production of exotic frames.

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The website which cost Derby Cycle Corporation millions of pounds has been closed down by Bill Austin of Derby USA. He was brought back into the fold to inject some bicycle common sense into Derbys US operation

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Bike orgs air views

Tomorrow the Bicycle Associaton hosts a Cycle Organisations Forum so the representative bodies can share concerns, agree on mutual goals and have a good old chinwag

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Shimano engineers to focus on consumers

Some of Shimanos Japanese engineers are soon going to be given a taste of life at the sharp end. They have been volunteered to spend time in bike shops in Europe and the USA.

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From Muddy Fox to MP3

To save cash Muddy Fox has axed its MTB team. Stunts rider Jez Avery is one of the casualities but as hes just signed a £10 000 sponsorship deal with an in-car MP3 player supplier, hes not too upset. He is, however, bikeless...

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Banks force Derby to sell assets

The Derby Cycle Corporation is bankrolled by a variety of lenders packaged by Chase Manhattan International Ltd. In order to draw down its life-saving $31m loan agreed in Q4, Derby has had to agree to divest itself of certain non-core assets

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