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Every vote counts

If you're gonna vote on the Halfords issue, please do so before Saturday lunchtime because...

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An article in 'Design Week' published today describes how the English and Wales cricket boards have paid for in-school publicity materials in order to boost take up of the sport. Could the bike trade do something similar?

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Police get more Powabykes

Spot the flaws in this press release issued by Powabyke. (It is embargoed until 23rd November but as we're not releasing the news in the public domain the embargo is still intact).

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Public can come back in, says IFMA

Exhibitors at last years IFMA voted to make IFMA 2000 a trade-only event. However, exhibitors this year have decided this wasnt such a good idea after all. Oh, and the dates changed too.

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Bio-racer seeks painters

Brit bike painters are wanted by Bio-racer of Belgium. High-end painters only: gas pipe sprayers need not apply.

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