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Its official: more bikes sold in 99 than 98

Using figures we dont think Mintel or the Bicycle Association will dispute as inaccurate we believe bike production figures in 1999 look set to be 2.387 million, better than 1998 but not as good as either 1996 or 1997.

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Single minded success

In BikeBiz3 due out on Thursday - there's an article on www.bikeworld.com (check out the TotalTrak feature and the ShopCam). This Texas bike shop gets orders from the UK. Well www.singletrack.co.uk gets orders from America...

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What the Dickens!

At yesterday's Pickwick Club Garden Party - packed with IBDs - at the New Connought Rooms in London, a rather surprising figure was inaugurated as a member

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Whit’s World

www.bikeworld.com is a superlative website. American, of course. Its also a flesh and blood shop and has been since 1971. Founder WHIT SNELL created his stores website four years ago. It now attracts 5000 unique visitors a day and has some USPs to die for. Hes got a great website and hes a canny writer too...

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Kudos Sustrans

In BikeBiz3 - due out Tues/Weds next week, bit late, sorry - the editorial argues Sustrans should keep getting the bike levy even when the £1 million has been raised. The following press release is a good example of why: Sustrans is getting people on their bikes...

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