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Ebusiness show goes virtual

If you cant make it to Ebusiness 2000, 19-21 September at the NEC, it can come to your desktop instead. In fact, its already there, courtesy of

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Wrong reading of Reece story causes ructions

You can lead a horse to water, you cant make him drink. In the story we ran about Reece following a wonky article in the Investors Chronicle some people got the wrong end of the stick...

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Alarm bells for consumers

WAP phone users who subscribe to a new service from Saverfone will be alerted to retailers within a 500-metre radius who have snatch promotions on offer

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Investors Chronicle couldve been clearer

In todays Investors Chronicle an offshoot of the Financial Times theres an article about Reece plc. However, its not altogether clear that Reece plc and Reece Cycles plc are now totally seperate

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Moulton museum to open

An invite-only lunch will be held next week to announce the forthcoming opening of a new museum containing "engineering artefacts" from the fertile mind of Alex Moulton

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