Partnerships, acquisitions and investment news throughout the cycling industry

How big is the bike market?

Imagine youre a medium sized importer of mid-range bikes and you want a bit of extended credit. You go to your bank manager and in order to benchmark your turnover youre asked for the value of the bike market. What do you say?

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Grease monkeys go upmarket

If you empty bins for a living you can call yourself a sanitation consultant. A hairdresser is now a beauty therapist. How about a bike mechanic?

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Turn couch potatoes into fit chips

Britain is bringing up a generation of `couch potato' children who are at increased risk of early death from heart disease, experts warned yesterday. But, naturally, cycling can help...

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Twenty-grand cyclists pedal the health message

The 247 participants on the Odyssey 2000 round-the-world bicycle tour they each paid £20,000 for the 366-day led expedition reach the UK on June 16th and will pedal from Dover to Bath. They are here the same week as all the big bike events are going on so they will generate even more publicity for cycling.

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Wanna a US-based insider consultant?

Not known for hiding his light under a bushel, Steve Boehmke of Rock Shox in the States has sent out a hire me email to MTB mags and bike companies all over the world.

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Sales increase at Halfords

Sales in the UK bike industry grew by about 4 percent last year but Halfords did slightly better with sales up by 7.7 percent, an increase over the previous years growth total of 5 percent. Profits were up by 14.6 percent. And now Halfords is seriously creeping into IBD territory...

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