Partnerships, acquisitions and investment news throughout the cycling industry

Corratec bikes back in the UK

Three years ago, Corratec bikes from Bavaria were launched at the NEC trade show. The bikes were exotic, with fantastically different paint jobs. Many of the frames and suspension solutions were also departures from the norm. The importer, however, didnt get very far. Now a new importer has been appointed and, with mark-ups of up to 60 percent, and an IBD target of just 25 stockists, is planning to be around for a lot longer than the first importer

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Tart up your marketing for free

A marketing services company grandly titled the Institute of Practical Marketing is offering a free online marketing advice session on its website. It is targetting bicycle traders because, like other small to medium sized businesses they are notoriously poor marketers. Mind you, according to the self-styled Institute, so are big businesses

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Hartley Dawson re-jigs its reps

In a move that J Hartley Dawson says will substantially increase our commitment to all IBDs in the country, the Yorkshire wholesaler has made a few internal staffing changes and a new appointment

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Bike 2000 lives

With all the hype surrounding the opening of the National Cycle Network and the National Cycling Festival 2000, Futures Bike 2000 show at the NEC, 28-30th April, hasnt had much of a look-in...

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Strength of £ forces Birdy price cut

Rip off Britain: is a lot of it down to currency fluctuations? Buy a Birdy in Germany and youll pay a lot less than in Britain but this isnt a case of UK IBDs raking it in, its the fault of the strong pound

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Fast job and shop ads

We are now uploading our WAP site with job ads and shops for sale (they go on this site too check out today's offerings). If you've got a WAP phone you can be the first to learn about jobs up for grabs, a boon for reps with itchy feet

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