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Keep it simple, stupid

Thinking of creating a bike oriented website? Dont overload it with Flash, or video effects, or huge sound files or too many other bells and whistles. Heres why...

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No room at the inn?

Stumped for somewhere to stay at the Cycle & Leisure Show? Havent got any Brummie rellies? Lost your Youth Hostel membership card? Check out the discount deals from Expotel, the leader in world-wide hotel, conference and event reservations for the business traveller.

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Dont be glum in Brum

Revolutions, the evening do at the Cycle & Leisure Show, is expensive at £21.15 a head but David Hydes industry bashes are always quirky, perky and worth it. Let your hair down and be part of the industry for one night of the show

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Universal create P&A division

Universal Cycles plc has been selling so many accessories of late including DNM suspension forks theyve had to create a whole new P&A division

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Caratti to sell discontinued lines to the public

...including Rock-Shox. Caratti now snappily called Schwinn/GT UK Sales Ltd. has been selling discontinued stock for some time to its IBD customers but if theres stock left over by the end of Jan, it will be advertised to the public. (However, this is for ex-agency stock only, there are no GT or Schwinn products in the mix).

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