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Driving diverse engagement post-COVID

COVID-19 is currently the focal point of most businesses, and rightly so. But it’s vital that key cycling industry issues don’t fall by the wayside, writes Amelia Morgan

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Simplicity, vision and hitting the sweet spot: SPOK’D on making cycling coaching more accessible and affordable

Richard Lang is an ex-professional rider who is passionate about finding ways tech can help people achieve their goals. As a result, he founded SPOK’D, an online app that uses smart algorithms to make cycling coaching more accessible and affordable to everyone...

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How to make your bike shop COVID-secure

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cycle shops have seen a surge in demand. Plastor outlines how these practical storage solutions can make your shop safer and more efficient

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The future of retail post-COVID-19

COVID-19 has shaken up our lives in a way no-one could have imagined six months ago, including the way we shop. Thankfully for the cycling industry, bike shops were a notable exception to stores that were told to temporarily close when lockdown was announced, and while some did shut their …

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