In-depth opinions, analysis and interviews with the key players in the cycling industry

An interview with Sean Reynolds of The Bike Place

In anticipation of the seventh annual Bike Place retail show, Kieran Howells talks to organiser Sean Reynolds about the history of the event, the biggest new names to appear and why you need to be there this year.

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Brick Lane Bikes: London’s fixed-gear pioneers

Kieran Howells talks to Brick Lane Bikes owner Feya Buchwald about the history of her iconic shop, the gentrification of East London and the ever-changing face of London’s cycling culture...

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Maxxis: gaining traction in the UK – an interview

I explore the past and future of Maxxis Tyres, and its manufacturing, customer relations and marketing strategies in an interview with managing director Derek McMartin, marketing manager Amy Cahill, and cycle brand manager Stephen Robinson.

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