Time-lapse videos on YouTube of arty photoshoot for forthcoming CatEye print ads generate pre-publication awareness

CatEye uses online buzz to plug unseen print ads

CatEye’s US marketing team, based in Boulder, Colorado, commissioned ad agency Moxie Sozo, of the same town, to create a series of print ads for publication in magazines due for release in March.

But why wait until then? Social media outreach now enables brands to easily and cheaply market their marketing campaigns.

It helps if there are strong visuals on a social media platform. YouTube is viral central and placing teaser videos is a good way to generate exposure, including to viewers who will never see the print ads.

Moxie Sozo used time-lapse photography to show the build-up of a studio backdrop. Plywood walls were erected in the Moxie Sozo offices and then dressed with a multitude of objects to create three print ad photographs. The campaigns are for the new Inou GPS bikecam, Q Series computer and the Urban wireless computer.

Three time lapse videos have been placed on CatEye’s YouTube site, one of which is embedded below.

The print ads will appear in the March editions of Bicycling Magazine, Bicycle Times, Dirt Rag, Velo News and Men’s Journal. 


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