New version specifically designed for the rental market heading to Sherwood, Whinfell, Elveden and Longleat Forests

Center Parcs to carry Burley’s new Cub

The new Burley Rental Cub is being rolled out to UK Center Parcs villages.

As the name suggest, this version of the Cub is rental specific. Including all the features of the original Cub – including an elastomer suspension system, insulating plastic base, reclining seat and tinted side windows – this version includes additional features to tackle the extra wear and tear common to rental.

The Rental Cub features more durable fabrics, enhanced waterproofing and non-absorbent seat cushions – ideal for typical UK summers. 

"We are proud to provide Center Parcs visitors with a safe and convenient way to bring their children along for a scenic bike ride," enthused Burley CEO Mike Coughlin. "This is a dynamic partnership that provides families with a comfortable trailer that kids simply love. Our design team really improved the ease of maintenance for the rental market.”

Center Parcs category buyer Jane Baxter commented: "Since nearly everyone at our resorts rides bikes, we needed a bicycle trailer that would be extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, and give kids a smooth ride. We’ve found that in Burley’s Rental Cub."

According to Trip Advisor family holidays are on the rise. Polling 1,600 US families, 83 per cent said they planned to take at least one family holiday this year, a rise from last year’s 79 per cent. A similar survey carried out by found 99 per cent of respondents were planning at least one family holiday this year.

Burley is distributed to the trade via Extra in the UK.

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