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To mark its tenth birthday, AOL UK commissioned a study of more than 500 ten year olds across the UK to get an insight into their online and offline worlds, and their views of the future. Most children think we'll all be travelling on hover-boards in the future but that won't stop them playing on their bikes...

Children prefer bikes to the internet and pets

When asked to list their favourite current activities, 54 percent of the ten year olds asked said they liked watching TV and playing out equally as much. 41 percent liked playing computer games. 27 percent said they like playing on their bikes, beating watching vids (22 percent), surfing the net (11 percent) and playing with pets (nine percent).

In the future, kids think we’ll get about on hover-boards (56 percent) or jet-packs (29 percent) but 23 percent will still want to cycle, nearly as many as want to keep playing football (27 percent).

When asked which topics people need to take more seriously now and do something about to make the world a better place in the future, 67 percent picked caring for the environment.

Jet packing riding sounds exciting but may not be terribly eco-efficient, unlike, er, cycling…


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