If boy racers can soup up their GTi babe magnets with go-faster fairings and tarmac-crunching sound systems, it's only fair that StingRay and Chopper owners should be able to adorn their pedal-powered hot-rods with after-market accessories such as 'Spinnerz' from Deuce USA.

Chopper pimps rejoice: US firm produces ‘spinner wheels’

Go here to see Deuce’s spinner wheels in action: http://www.deuce-usa.com/

A disc within the wheelset spins.

"Coming Fall 2004," promises the website.

"We have spent a lot of time and effort to bring you a wheel with unmatchable style and quality. The reaction so far has been crazy."

No details yet on price or trade availablity. But, if you want to be "the first on your block to own Deuce wheels" or want to distribute "one of the hottest products this year", email Deuce from the website.

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