Ken Livingstone, London's first elected mayor, responsible for introducing the £5 ken-gestion charge and thereby freeing up the streets of London for cyclists, is to make an appearance (no doubt to thunderous applause) at 'Cycling: A capital solution' on Saturday May 10th.

Congestion charge hero tops the bill at London cycling conference

‘Cycling: A capital is being staged 10.00-16.30 at the Conference Centre, Church House, Dean’s Yard, London SW1P 3NZ. It’s the spring conference of the Cycle Campaign Network, CTC and the London Cycling Campaign.

The National Cycling Awards will be presented at the conference.

The speaker list also includes Christian Wolmar, writer and member of the National Cycling

Strategy Board; Rose Ades, head of the Cycling Centre of Excellence at Transport

for London (in effect, she’s London’s cycling csar); Crispin Truman, chair of London Cycling Campaign; Roger Geffen, CTC’s campaigns manager and Oliver Hatch of CPAG, also a member of the National Cycling Strategy Board.

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