Lens retailer pitches for biker cash

‘Contact lenses are best for cyclists’

Contact lenses outperform glasses on all fronts for cyclists, according to lens retailer Getlenses.

Providing a lateral field of vision, better space perception and distance evaluation, contact lenses are unlikely to break in falls and don’t clash with helmets, the firm points out.

Some lenses also have UV filters, cutting out harmful UVA and UVB rays, though added protection should still be considered for cycling in the sun.

Resident GetLenses optometrist Brendan O’Brien said: “Contact lenses have to be the most obvious choice for cyclists. Not just for the practical benefits such as avoiding broken glasses if a crash were to happen but also the physical improvements. Contacts are perfect for cyclists because they will provide better depth perception and distance evaluation.

“This is because contact lenses move with the eye and therefore you are always seeing through the optic zone (the area of best vision). Additionally, contact lenses provide you with a wider field of view than spectacles as the frames partially inhibit peripheral vision. Contact lenses are certainly the perfect summer cycling accompaniment.”


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