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BikeBiz.com has campaigned for many years running for an end to impersonal Christmas cards. Give the money you would have spent to a cycle-related charity instead. Many companies have now taken this on board and the database-driven Chrimbo card merry-go-round is slowly, and happily, grinding to a halt. However, personalised Christmas cards are still lovely to give and receive. These two are the best of this year's crop...

Corporate Christmas Card of the Year

The top award for best electronic card goes to Procycling magazine. The Highbury team has gone to the effort of commissioning a Christmas Special of the mag’s Plastic Peleton People.

And, from the US, top-marks to Pacific Cycle for putting a road bike on its Christmas card when it could so easily have done a jokey card with Santa on a Stingray.

Happy Christmas from BikeBiz.com!

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