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At 5pm today Crabtree Sport and Leisure will be renamed Acorn Sports & Leisure Ltd. There will be no job losses and no relocation. The first change will probably be a bike brand swap; out will go Raleigh and in will come a range of Concept's choosing

Crabtree acquired by Concept

Concept today finally inked on a deal to acquire the assets – but not any debts – of Crabtree Sports and Leisure.

Acorn Sports & Leisure Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Concept Cycling Ltd.

The 40 jobs at Crabtree’s converted mill are said to be safe, including the jobs of the four managers, including MD Julian Pointon who becomes MD of Acorn.

One of the managers is corporate manager Ian Pollit-Walmsley who joined Crabtree’s in the summer from, er, Concept.




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