After the Daily Telegraph seemed to claim £475 was a lot to spend on a bicycle, social media got to work ...

Crowdfunders pledge to gift Jeremy Corbyn a red Raleigh

Is £475 a lot to pay for a bicycle? The Telegraph seemed to think so yesterday as it mocked Labour leader Jeremy Corybn for lusting after a red Raleigh Criterium. In response, social media got to work and a crowd-funding campaign has so far raised £2,850 to buy Corbyn his "dream bike" for his birthday in May. 

The crowd-funding campaign was started by "J-Dawg" to “annoy the right wing press.” The money left over from the campaign – which has another 27 days to run – will be donated to charity.

The Telegraph article was in response to an interview with Corbyn in Stylist Magazine. 

In the interview, Corbyn said: “I use my bike less frequently now that I’m leader of the Labour Party, but I still prefer to cycle whenever I can.

"Not only is it free, environmentally friendly and often the fastest way to travel, but it also gives the snappers outside my house a bit of variety."

A poll on The Telegraph shows that readers aren’t so ready to chime in to knock Corbyn for his favoured mode of transport.

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