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Within the next two weeks the coding boffins at Bikemagic.com will have created an anonymous prezzie selector for those who dont know what to get their biking chums and rellies for Christmas

Cycle site brings Santa into the 21st Century

Bikemagic members can send Xmas gift hints to their online friends and relatives without their online friends and relatives knowing for sure where the hint came from.

Cullen Ward said: The service allows members of our web-community to send out hints about gifts they would like, partially anonymously, to their friends and relations. These friends and relatives probably dont know a bum-bag from a bar-end so they will have one less present idea to worry about.

Users type in the details of the present they want, or choose an item from a pre-selected list, and then provide Bikemagic with a list of potential present givers.

Auntydoris@hotmail.com, and the rest, then get an anonymous email saying something like Someone you know who likes mountain biking, and who lives in Cirencester, would really like a pair of SealSkinz waterproof socks.

If the present idea is from the Bikemagic list, Aunty Doris is nudged to order online. If the present is not on the list, Aunty Doris is directed to a selection of IBDs listed on the Bikemagic site.

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