Expanding innovative range installed at Ikea, CTC, The Guardian offices and more

Cyclepods park at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons

Innovative cycle parking solution Cyclepods are appearing at an increasing list of locations across the nation.

One hundred and eighty nine Spacepods from the brand have been installed at The Guardian’s head office at Kings Place, London, while 200 have been placed at KPMG’s Canary Wharf HQ.

Other well known firms using the brand’s eye-catching products include the CTC, Ikea, BBC Berkshire and chain retailers Marks and Spencers, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

Various iterations of the Cyclepod appeared at Cycle Show earlier this month, all working on the principle that cycle storage doesn’t have to be an after thought, or ugly.

Vertically storing the bikes, and using materials that ensure the attached bicycles aren’t damaged, the pods have a smaller footprint than conventional cycle parking facilities. In some cases the bike storage products can save 40 to 50 per cent of the space usually taken by bike parks to store the same number of bikes.

The Cyclepod product comes with a canopy which doubles up as a marketing opportunity for the owner, where advertisements can be printed or fixed.

If you missed the expanding Cyclepod range at Cycle Show, head to the site here for more. The brand picked up an award for its design back in 2006.

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