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BikeBiz presents the UK trade’s brightest up-and-coming individuals from the worlds of retail, distribution, manufacturing and publishing. In this celebration of the hottest young talent around we celebrate and profile the industry’s future champions. And if you didn’t get in, well there’s always next year...

Cycling’s rising stars

Adam Biggs
Age: 22
Company: Moore Large

Biggs has been working for Moore Large since October and is currently the firm’s brand manager for Basso and Velorbis. Biggs began racing on the Continent when he was 16 and spent three years as a semi-pro in France. He returned to the UK last June, working for the Long Eaten Cycle Centre before joining Moore Large.

Name: Ashley Clark
Age: 26
Company: Hot Wheels

Clark began in the trade in 2001 as a mechanic at Poole-based Xtreme and Mud Dock in Exeter, before applying for the job at Hot Wheels at its newly built headquarters. He began in a telesales role, and six months later was South West representative. Soon after his responsibilities expanded to include Wales.

Name: Daniel Benson
Age: 27
Company: Future

As online managing editor of Cycling news.com, Benson manages and pools the resources of teams from the US, Australia and Europe. His duties include the general running of the sites, including news, reviews and technology divisions. Prior to joining Future, Benson was Runnersworld.co.uk online editor.

Name: David Arthur
Age: 28
Company: Magicalia

As staff writer on Bikemagic.com and RoadcyclingUK.com, Arthur initially handled the production aspects of both sites, before becoming wholly editorial earlier this year. Arthur has helped the sites grow in readership in his time at the firm, and runs his own cycling blog.

Gary Turner
Age: 25
Company: Chicken Cyclekit

Turner joined Chicken just over a year ago and has already progressed from an admin role to office sales and, more recently, an account manager. According to his peers, his success is an example of how personal drive and enthusiasm can help one progress quickly.

Name: Joe Poyzer
Age: 23
Company: Onza Bikes

Having started his working life in the electronics industry, Poyzer joined Onza four years ago, where he began liaising with some of the firm’s associates in Taiwan. Currently, he works part-time at Moore Large (Onza Bikes’ distributors) and is responsible for European exports, which last year accounted for £50,000.

Name: John Stainthorpe
Age: 25
Company: Cyclesense

Stainthorpe is sales director and is responsible for running LikeAbike UK and the firm’s retail outlet at Thorp Arch. He is also webmaster, watching over both division’s sites. At 22, he set up Cyclesense’s stand at The Cycle Show, and has taken main responsibility since.

Name: Lloyd Clarkson
Age: 27
Company: 50cycles

After joining 50cycles in 2007 as workshop assistant, Clarkson was soon promoted to technical manager, overseeing workshop operations. Recently, he has been instrumental in pushing the Kalkhoff range of e-bikes, representing the firm at UK exhibitions. He also takes part in a number of high profile races.

Name: Simon and Matt Bowns
Age: 25 and 21
Company: 18 Bikes

After buying the business of Bespoked in 2006, Simon and Matt renamed the business 18 Bikes. The shop focuses on high-end mountain bike custom builds, and also stocks clothing and accessories. The business has come second in the SingleTrackreader’s awards for two years.

Name: Mike Cotty
Age: 26
Company: Canondale

Cotty has spent four and a half years at Basel and nine years at Canondale. During his tenure, he has built and implemented the latter’s European wide brand manager structure, managed the Swiss marketing office, and is now tasked with using novel new ways to market the firm’s products.

Name: Niki Croft
Age: 24
Company: Seventies

After being invited to participate in a riding video, which involved living in a specially set-up house with six other riders for half a year, Croft landed a job in the Seventies Warehouse team through a contact from the project. He is responsible for sorting deliveries, works with the dispatch team, and says one of the best thing about the job is the people.

Name: Oli Woodman
Age: 18
Company: Future

Hailing from the notoriously cycling friendly Wick area of Bristol, Woodman is a keen mountain biker and also enjoys downhill and street riding. He started working for BikeRadar last year as database editor, and has recently begun writing reviews for the site as well.

Name: Patrick Blake
Age: 28
Company: Upgrade Bikes

Starting out in the bike industry on work experience in a bike shop back in 1996, Blake is now in the sales department at Upgrade, liaising with all the firm’s agents on the road. He also handles all new account enquiries and dabbles with the accounts. Blake contributed to the firm’s win of a BikeBizAward last year.

Name: Pete Drew
Age: 28
Company: Silverfish

After joining the firm’s warehouse team four years ago, Drew soon moved to the sales team as the firm expanded. He left after two years, and after a brief stint at Vancouver’s Cove Bikes, returned to Silverfish as marketing manager. His day-to-day duties include ensuring high awareness of the firm’s products.

Name: Richie Rowland
Age: 28
Company: Silverfish

Rowland was Silverfish’s second employee when he joined eight years ago, so has been there practically since the firm’s inception. In the early days, he took on a number of roles within the office and distribution centres, before travelling round the country as a rep. Rowland now holds the position of sales manager.

Name: Sarah Rothery
Age: 21
Company: Zyro

Rothery joined Zyro in 2005 to work on sales order processing, and moved into the actual sales team after a maternity cover position emerged. Now working permanently in the sales team, she assists the north-west and Ireland account managers, and handles 25 accounts from across the country on her own.

Name: Simon White
Age: 27
Company: Zyro

White began working at Zyro in 2003 in the ‘goods out’ department at Boroughbridge. He joined the pick team when the business expanded and moved to Thirsk. He now works in the technical support and warranty department, after a stint in product management, working on for Panaracer and Lupine.

Name: Steve Gill
Age: 29
Company: Rutland and Grafham Cycling

Gill started at Rutland and Grafham Cycling in 2000, working on the sales floor. In three years he was promoted to sales director, responsible for the purchase and sale of retail bikes and the company’s hire bike fleet. Apparently, Gill alone generates £3 million in revenue a year.

Name: Peter Clegg
Age: 26
Company: Silverfish

Described as Silverfish’s ‘newest and tallest employee’, Clegg has already made his mark on the northern sales territory at the firm, working on key accounts in the North and Scotland. He has a keen trade knowledge, gained worked at Cycle Europe, and handles 11 brands in his area.

Name: Matt Skinner
Age: 28
Company: Future

Having worked in some capacity for WMB and MBUK solidly for the past six years, Skinner became editor of WMB a year and a half ago. His tenure has coincided with the title’s most successful year ever. He also launched Freestyle publication’s BMX Ridermagazine back in 2002.

Name: Andrew Dodd
Age: 29
Company: Future

With 17 years of off-road mountain biking under his belt, ‘Doddy’ says he is utterly obsessed with bikes, from the first moment he learnt on a girl’s bike with one stabiliser. He currently works as staff writer on MBUK, and has been writing and testing for the mag for eight years now.

Name: James Cramp
Age: 25
Company: Muc-Off

Cramp joined Muc-off in 2000, when it was called X-Lite UK. He has since moved through telesales, purchasing and event management and is now general manager of overseeing production, logistics and the sales/buying offices. Cramp says working with such a close-knit team is one of the best things about the job.

Name: Rob Sherratt
Age: 28
Company: Fox

Sherratt is a newcomer to the industry, having joined Fox in December last year through a job ad on the BikeBiz website. His main day-to-day duties include liaising with dealer partners, presenting clothing lines to potential customers and generally making sure the product is readily available in the best retail outlets.

Name: Grant Hadwin
Age: 29
Company: Citrus-Lime

Hadwin joined Citrus-Lime in 2005 as sales consultant, after a mass interview process which he describes as ‘X-Factor like’. Now sales project consultant, Grant is responsible for training the firm’s customers in the use of Microsoft RMS.

Name: Matthew Cole
Age: 27
Company: Future

After galvanising his interest for cycling in South Wales, Cole landed a job at Future’s BikeRadar site as it was being set up. He has apparently now just started riding the 40-mile journey into work, and spends his weekends looking for decent trails in Wiltshire and riding in Afan and Cwmcarn.

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