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Members of the British public can now scrutinise their MPs' expenses. George Osborne, Tory MP for Wilmslow, has told his local newspaper he's good value-for-money because he cycles everywhere in London, saving taxpayers a packet...

Cycling keeps my expenses down, says MP

Osborne told The Wilmslow Expresss he makes travel savings by cycling between appointments.

MPs’ expenses are broken down into four categories – the costs of running a second home, running an office, employing staff, and travelling between constituencies and London.

Osborne’s were £19 895 for a second home, £17 993 for his office, £69 377 for staff and £11 896 on travel.

"I can’t defend the high mileage rate [MPs get for driving]. But I was very relaxed about that item of expense, because I use a bike when I’m in London," said Osborne.

"I cycle about eight miles a day."

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