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According to a press release from Weldtite the company has had positive feedback from around the world after introducing a Cyclo catalogue and price list offering normal delivery on over 65 percent of the previously available range. And now theres new blister packaging, too...

Cyclo packaging gets makeover

Key products such as axle bearing sets are now available in new blister packs and come with cross-branded with tubes of lithium grease.

In this mornings press release Weldtite sales directer Hamish Stewart is quoted as having said:

We have already received plaudits for the quality of the new range but we are not going to sit on our laurels. Some of the tools where we have introduced modern manufacturing techniques and materials are currently under arduous test by some of the top cycling professionals in the UK.

These professionals include the MAD (Mountain Bike Aerial Display) team as well as Peugeot riders and various high ranking amateur MTB teams.

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