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Scottish rider films minute long advert with car manufacturer

Danny MacAskill features in VW advert

Ok, so this isn’t really bicycle trade news, but it is a great excuse to watch Danny MacAskill’s latest clip, this time filmed alongside car manufacturer Volkswagen for its latest advert.

With MacAskill’s reputation for racking YouTube hits up in no time at all, this is the second major ad campaign that the Scots bike rider has featured in. The first was filmed alongside S1Jobs.com and can be seen here.

The trials rider shot to fame following an Inspired Bicycles web edit that now stands at 11,680,634 views – just to emphasise how much of a hit this vid was, that figure is millions more views than any U2 video on YouTube.

Inspired Bicycles is now selling Danny’s signature trials frame and more to the UK trade.

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