Details on the September 2004 and February 2005 dates for the David Hyde organised shows have been released. They include a new, Bristol show. But, just as with the European show clashes mentioned last week, there are 2005 date conflicts with the National Cycle & Leisure Show - but only if you were planning on travelling to Germany for Euroshop or

Dates announced for National Cycle & Leisure Show

Access the dates on the screen-planner:…/calendar.php

The 2005 dates clashes are:

13-14th February

National Cycle and Leisure Show

Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate

12-13th February 2005

19th-23rd February


Düsseldorf, Germany

20th-21st February

National Cycle and Leisure Show


The screen-planner on is read-only. For an interactive, calendar-graphic version of 2004/05 trade dates, go to…/CycleTradeDates2004

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