Utah-set event to return in July 2011

DealerCamp promises to remain ‘intimate’

Bike DealerCamp is set to return to Deer Valley, Utah next year from July 26th to 28th.

Fifty-three brands appeared at DealerCamp this year. Feedback from the event requested that the event remain ‘intimate’ – something Lance Camisasca, president of organiser Lifeboat Events has promosed to maintain in 2011.

“We’ve heard from our advisory board, the brands and the retailers about their wishes for modest growth, but more importantly the desire to keep the intimacy and the exclusive atmosphere that we created this July in Deer Valley."

Camisasca added: "These exhibit dates are some of the most important days for a retailer, who may be deciding on a significant buy or product range, so we need to keep that comfort. Just footsteps from their room or condo, it will be unlike any other demo event out there.”

BikeBiz executive editor Carlton Reid went to the Press Camp sister event earlier this year.

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