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Life Cycle UK, the Bristol-based cycle promotion charity, has been commissioned by the UK Department for Transport to produce the sort of point-to-point journey planner commonplace from motoring organisations such as the RAC and the AA, and mapping software. Dutch cyclists have already got one: the Fiestroutesplanner is a sparkling example of joined up thinking...

DfT supports online cycle journey planner

"You want to make a journey by bike. You go to the Internet and type in the address of the journey planner. You then tell the planner where you want to go from and to, and any particular preferences about the route, such as ‘traffic free paths’ or ‘as direct as possible’ and the planner will produce a route for you which you then follow on

your bike," said Life Cycle director Peter Andrews.

The charity is currently seeking cyclist feedback on the concept, with a questionnaire on http://www.cyclejourneyplanner.org.uk

Want bike shops listed on the resulting map? How about calories burned per journey? Complete the survey!

Cycle Journey Planner will eventually link in to the DfT’s Transport Direct programme which aims to provide the traveller with all the information they need before and during a journey anywhere in the UK and with the ability to buy any associated tickets.




With thanks to Peter Eland of http://www.velovision.co.uk for the ‘Holy Grail? We already got one’ tip off…

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