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Rubena is the new trading name for Barum of the Czech Republic, a tyre maker since 1934.

Dillglove takes on Rubena tyres and tubes

Dillglove Limited has been appointed the exclusive UK agent and distributor for Rubena producsts

"When combined with the consistent quality levels of a European manufactured product and competitive pricing the brand is set to become a valuable addition to Dillgloves’ product portfolio," said Andy Easterbrook, formerly of Arc Marketing Ltd.

Rubena tyres come in the three quality levels:

Classic: 22 TPI gumwall casing with steel bead reinforcement

Sport: 30 TPI skinwall casing with wound bead reinforcement

Racing: 60 TPI skinwall casing with foldable Aramid bead reinforcement

Rubena products will be distributed nationally through local and national wholesalers.

For further information please contact Andy Easterbrook or Richard Cross

Tel: 0121 308 0314

Email: andy@easterbrook.org.uk

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