Directa Plus granted patent for its graphene solution for faster tyres

Directa Plus has been granted a patent for the product and application of its graphene-based solution for enhancing the performance of tyres.

The Italian company says the incorporation of Graphene Plus (G+) has the potential to significantly enhance the performance of bicycle tyres by simultaneously reducing rolling resistance and increasing grip.

The Italian patent covers "elastomeric composition comprising graphene and tyre components comprising said composition."

According to Directa Plus, the resulting tyre is both faster in motion and safer in turning under braking or in extreme weather conditions. 

Vittoria markets multiple award-winning G+ bicycle tyres for on-road and off-road use. 

Directa Plus CEO Giulio Cesareo said: "Offering tyres that are both sustainable and performance-enhancing reflects the core values of Directa Plus, and is bringing real innovation to an established and expanding industry. The unique qualities of G+ have been validated in bicycle tyres through our commercial partnership with Vittoria. The receipt of this latest patent means we are now well positioned to expand the rollout of G+ tyres to the global automobile and motorcycle industries.”  

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