Over on the BikeBiz.com bulletin board, BBS posters have submitted details of two, easily-spotted bicycles stolen at the weekend.

Distinctive bikes stolen; IBDs asked to keep eyes peeled

A camo-painted Maverick was stolen from outside the Todmorden home of Chipps, editor of Singletrack magazine.

Pic here http://www.32sixteen.com/…/MaverickL.jpg

The headbadge is engraved with the name ‘Fan’ and build date.

If anybody spots this bike call Todmorden police on 0845 6060606. The crime number is FA04/6711.

And Ken Thomson, a customer of Hardie Bikes in Fife, Scotland, had a new and rare Lemond Tete de Course stolen in Dunfermline on Sunday. The bike has a carbon/titanium frame, 10 speed Dura Ace, and Bontrager XXX-lite carbon wheels.


Tel: 07977 499762

"If you could all keep your ears and eyes open that would be great," said Craig Hardie on the BBS.

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