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Any doctor who is a member of the British Medical Association and that means most of them will have got their weekly copy of the British Medical Journal today. A pamphlet included with this week's issue lists the various events happening during the Millennium Festival of Medicine. Cycling is the Festival's core health promotion project...

Docs are big on bikes

Whereas the Wishbone Trust Gold 2000 event gets a one inch mention and Pathology 2000 a two inch mention, Ride for Health gets a full page to itself. Doctors are really getting on their bikes in a big way this year.

And it’s not just doctors. Ride the Health is for "hospitals, trusts, primary care groups, health promotion units, patient groups, health related charities, occupational health professionals and commercial organisations interested in promoting health at work."

Ride for Health links in to the various other cycle events happening on the weekend of 24-25th June, including Ride the Net events and the National Cycling Festival 2000 in York.

Cycling has been chosen to be the core activity because, says the Millennium Festival of Medicine brochure, "One in three adults own a bike. Cycling is an accessible, fun and environmentally friendly way of getting around and there are significant health benefits too. More cycling, less cars is also good news for noise and air pollution as well as traffic congestion."

Thousands of health professionals are expected to take part in "a family fun day out, a workplace stress buster, sponsored bike ride, community cycle challenge, bike to work breakfast or learn-to-cycle session."

Add this sort of positive press coming from outside of the cycle world to the various clamourings Sustrans, the CTC and other bike bodies will be organising, and you start to appreciate Y2K is definitely going to be the Year of Cycling.

Everybody in the trade will benefit from this but perhaps those who throw themselves into their local events will do even better? The more the merrier…

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