Yet more details about Dura Ace 2004 have been released by Shimano Europe. The piece-meal fashion of the media releases is clever: Shimano's top-end road group is going to get multiple mentions on bike-related consumer news sites around the world. Today, feast your eyes on CAD drawings of the Dura Ace brake lever-shifters...

Drip-dripped Dura Ace info guarantees generous exposure

According to Shimano Europe, Dura Ace 2004 has "gone through a complete redesign…shifters not excepted."

The Shimano statement says particular attention was paid to the shifters because "riders spent huge quantities of time in direct contact with them and bike operation is handled through them."

The angle between the hood and the handlebar has been reduced, offering more hand comfort, and it’s claimed stress points have been "practically eliminated."

The hood has been reduced 5mm in circumference, which "makes the shifters suitable for all hand sizes and offers better gripping to all riders."

A modified pivot improves shift lever access and there’s a redesigned internal mechanism.

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