Thousands of cyclists used their cars to commute today to show how busy London's roads would be if they didn't cycle every day.

Drive to Work Day causes even more congestion for London than normal

Notice a lack of cyclists in London today? It might not have been the cold and the ice keeping the cyclists away, it might have been the success of Drive to Work Day, a spoof campaign to show that car-owning cyclists are doing London a huge favour by riding into work every day.

The campaign was organised by cycle trainer David Dansky and he said this morning’s commute was more cycle-free than usual and so cars and trucks and buses were getting even more stuck in congestion than normal.

The famous cyclist mantra of ‘One Less Car’ is a statement that bicycles take up less room on roads than cars and so motorists should encourage cyclists rather than chastise them.

Dansky said: "Thanks to all the many thousands of people who turned out en masse to take part in London’s Drive to Work Day. See how we took over the centre of London, creating gridlock."

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