Global sales are up 13% in the first nine months of FY2012

Dura-Ace demand helps Shimano sales surge

Shimano’s cycling components business has reported a 13.6 per cent rise in sales over the nine months of FY2012 so far (up to September 30th), compared year-on-year with last year. That growth has seen sales hit an impressive 146,229 million yen (£1.1 billion), with operating income increasing 40.6 per cent to 29,821 million yen.

Europe saw retail sales remain at a similar level as last year, the improved weather from July onward helping sales after the unsettled spring.

North America proved a top performer, with sales exceeding the previous year following a mild winter and stable spring weather. China too saw a rise in demand, with sports bikes rising particularly, though Shimano predicts the Chinese economy may have now peaked. Likewise Southeast Asia and South America saw increased demand for sports bikes, but Japan saw lacklustre sales, again due to unsettled weather.

Shimano went on to name particular products and sectors that had excelled in the quarter, including new models in Q2 like SLX (MTB), SORA (road) and the Tourney A070. Q3 models lie the Deore LX trekking bike components and the Dura Ace top-of-the-line road components also singled out for sparking a high volume of orders.

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