E-bikes are now subsidised in Sweden with 25% purchase grant

The Swedish Government has presented a budget for 2018 that includes a 25 percent subsidy for e-bike sales.

"This is a spectacular success for the development of e-bike sales in Sweden, which is now the benchmark for all European countries to follow," says a statement from the European Cyclists’ Federation.

For the years 2018–2020 the Swedish government will set aside €35 million each year to fund the scheme. 

The subsidy was due to advocacy work by cyclists’ association Cykelfrämjandet, which is an ECF member.

Cykelfrämjandet has been a participant in ECF’s Leadership Programme which is funded by industry donations to the ECF’s Cycling Industry Club.

In Sweden the industry now sees a €100 million return for just €60,000 grants to Cykelfrämjandet.

Cykelfrämjandet president Lars Strömgren said: “The support we have had from the ECF’s Cycling Industry Club grants made this possible.”

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