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This will make sense to some of you, but will perplex others...

E-mail change for BikeBiz ed

Because I’ve now got ADSL installed (super-fast internet connection stuff) I’m no longer using AOL as my main Internet Service Provider.

If your address book contains my address as carlton@bikebiz.co.uk that’s fine, because that’s what I now use. Previously, all post sent to this email was forwarded to carlton0@aol.com and people got replies back from carlton0@aol.com.

Now I can email from carlton@bikebiz.co.uk, as well as receive, so please scrub carlton0@aol.com.

[However, just to confuse things, I shall still use the AOL account when ‘on the road’ with laptop WWW access or when emailing from internet cafes. I will still read my AOL mail but you’ll find you reach me quicker by using carlton@bikebiz.co.uk ].

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