If they are, it will happen tomorrow. There's a special meeting of EBMA members on 14th January and it's expected Cycleurope will fall in with Derby and Accell and withdraw its support of EBMA's China-and-Taiwan linked dumping investigation currently being carried out by the European Commission

EBMA to be forced to drop dumping case?

According to a highly-placed (but ‘flu-ridden) UK source, the rumours are getting stronger that Cycleurope will also pull the rug from beneath Brian Montgomery’s anti-dumping investigation.

"At the very least," our source said, "Cycleurope will abstain during the vote."

The French equivalent of the BA is reported to have just come out against EBMA, joining the likes of the BA, the ACT and ETRA.

Should trade-wide support for the investigation collapse, the European Commission may have no other option than to cancel their enquiries, something the Commission will be furious about, making future anti-dumping complaints harder to pull off.

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