The French manufacturer of the Synchro Shift gear system you know, those chunky handlebar grip shifting thingies which could change gears at the front and the rear from the same twistgrip went pop last November but now the patents and a load of kit is to be auctioned off

EGS gears up for a sell-off

The sale is set for 11th July in Chattellerault, France.

The news was first broken by the American website,

There’s a very full list of sale items including patent rights at It’s all in French but a decent bit of Franglais will get you through.

The EGS gears were used first in the UK by Dawes and looked ideal for first time riders, although the gear shifter handlebar grip (one side only) was awfully fat. This was being slimmed down when the company could no longer pay its way and went into the French version of receivership.

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