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New goods from Jango, Urge, Knog, Jagwire, Ortlieb and Blackburn

Eurobike coverage: part one

BikeBiz could have dedicated the whole Ocotber issue to the world’s largest bike exhibition and still only have scratched the surface. Here is part one of four in our series of show coverage:

Jango (Extra)
The big news from the Topeak stand has to be the Jango line of folding bike’s evolution into the very top-end of the market. Creating a 9.3 kilo carbon fibre folding bike, those dealing in the brand will now have a solution for the fussiest of folding connoisseurs. As part of the ‘sport series’, the 18-inch wheeled bike carries a folding carbon frame and fork, T-style handlebar with all the usual quick release fold downs and 20 gears.

Jango designed backup accessories are now also available as add-on sale items, along with a handy point-of-sale unit for dedicated dealers. The add-ons catalogue includes panniers, messenger style bags, mudguards tailored to the Jango folders, a convenient cable lock solution and Topeak-branded lights.

The Jango stand also showed off, for the first time, a folding pedelec, housing a lithium ion battery in a rear rack, which doubles up as a mudguard. Cleverly, the user of these pedelecs can control the lights at a handlebar-mounted display. Availability for each of the 18-model catalogue is expected to be between January and February in the UK.

Urge (Decade Europe)

Decade Europe has picked up a new brand to sit alongside its recently added Royal Racing and EVS Protection brands.

Urge helmets, hailing from France, started out in 1991 selling into the snow sports market, though re-emerged just two years back with a view to tackling the bicycle world. Having manufactured a line of commuter and downhill helmets and utilising its previous experience in other markets, the brand had some interesting new technology weaved into one new prototype.

working with a fine natural linen fibre weave, the brand has developed a material, that when finished, behaves much the same as carbon fibre, carrying the same strength properties. This is definitely a product to watch, according to Urge, who believe the linen fibre technology has a strong future.
Other tidy features within the Urge line include shatterproof plastic visors, made in much the same way some break-resistant mudguard are. Visit urgebike.com for more on this exciting new brand.

Knog and Jagwire (Moore Large)
Jagwire has revealed what it calls a ‘service in a box’ with the new Hyper cable kit. Citing book-keeping and better workshop accountancy as the reason for the kits, Jagwire’s global marketing manager James Alberts told BikeBiz: "With reels of cable it’s harder for dealers to take stock of inventory, whereas the Hyper kit is essentially a full cable service in a box. It’s a really cost-effective solution and will boost better workshop management."

The other developments come from small, but important component parts of Jagwire’s cable product. The Ripcord and Racer kits now come with Kevlar housings instead of metal innards. These will come to market toward the start of November and will be available in six colours.
It’s also worth looking out for the new Hi-Flow hydraulic service accessories, which Jagwire pitches as "a system that makes it easier for retailers to stock hydraulic service accessories."

Knog were proud receivers of Eurobike recognition for the new line of silicone-coated ‘Sausage locks’. The Kabana, Kransky and Party Frank locks, along with Knog’s new ‘Boomer’ USB light were all on display among the many products put up for awards.

Of particular interest to retail will be the packaging of Knog’s new ‘Sausage’ security. As opposed to your ‘gold standard’ badge, Knog has chosen to rate each of its products on the area in which it’s safe to leave the bike locked, with each product marked with ratings from ‘quiet corner shop’, through ‘ghetto’ and finally ‘warzone’.

Ortlieb (Lyon Equipment)

As one of the many Eurobike Award winners, Ortlieb’s Micro saddlebag was flagged up as being one of the products that impressed judges for its functionality and workmanship. The features that could have impressed judges will be the usage of a newly-designed quick release system, which clips onto the majority of saddle rails. The tidy roll-up package also carries a wealth of reflective decals, ideal given its rear-mounted location.

BlackBurn (Madison)

The Blackburn Toolmantor 3, soon to be available via distributor Madison, is what BikeBiz believes (correct us if we’re wrong!) could be the first mini multitool housing and emergency micro pump, perfect if your customers are in the habit of stranding themselves miles from anywhere without anything to inflate punctured tyres.

The 17-function package boasts a chain tool too, yet the small device weighs just 144-grams, including its neoprene sleeve. All the standard fittings are tucked into the tidy pocket tool too, such as all popular Allen key sizes, ranging up to 8mm and widely used star bolt and screwdriver tools.

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