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The brilliant bike blog is piling on readers faster than blogger Elden Nelson is piling on the pounds, which is good going considering his fetish for smearing peanut butter on Oreos. A start-up bag company has provided a bunch of prizes for his site but no mainstream US bike brands have so far latched on to Nelson's marketability...

Fat Cyclist blog breaches 500k page-view threshold

Nelson works for a certain large software company but spends the weekends penning spoof articles for his own blog site and for behemoth news site, cyclingnews.com.

See the link below for how Nelson would repay an MTB brand for replacing his trashed bike. He’d be "all kinds of shameless" and would feature the bike heaps of times, he said.

For his latest cyclingnews piece – on how to tell if you’re a bike snob – go to:





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