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Sadly, an Australian cyclist - well-known to Aussie pro roadies - died yesterday after sustaining a head injury whilst showering. In a bizarre twist, before the reporting of this tragedy, contributors to the trade-only bulletin board of this site had been discussing creating the Shower Helmet Initiative Trust, a spoof charity to challenge the single-issue myopia of BHIT, the Bicycle Helmet Initative Trust

Fatal head injuries need not be bike-related, even for cyclists

Oz road cycling news website cyclingnews.com reports that the Australian cycle community is in shock following the death of Mark Carter, 33, due to head injuries sustained in an accidental fall over the Easter weekend.

"Carter slipped and fell in the bathroom of a guesthouse, badly striking his head as he fell. Although he could walk afterwards (Carter raced regularly and was in very good condition), he was taken to a local country hospital and after examination, he was airlifted to a major hospital in Sydney. He underwent a five hour emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain, but then could not be revived after doctors tried to bring him out of his coma. Mark passed away in St George Hospital, Kogarah, on Wednesday evening, April 14."


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