OPINION: 'If John Galliano got the sack, why shouldn't Jeremy Clarkson?'

Road safety campaigner Allan Ramsay calls for punishment for high profile figures making anti-cyclist remarks...
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For top fashion designer, John Galliano, to be sacked by top fashion house, Christian Dior, is absolutely right and proper. And with his anti-Semitic remarks being captured on video he could face jail.

The video clip allegedly shows Galliano telling two women in a Paris café: “I love Hitler. People like you would be dead today – your mothers snd your forefathers would be gassed.”

With such remarks being totally unacceptable and unlawful, what should the so called civilised world now make of Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson’s, anti-cyclist remarks?

There have been numerous instances where he’s said, or written, the likes of cyclists deserve to be ‘cut-up’, or that he would have no hesitation in running them over, or squashing them under his (car) wheels. There’s even been an instance where he’s called for other drivers to run cyclists down. Is the latter not inciting hatred and death? How many morons might have acted on this?

Shouldn’t Clarkson face the same rejection and punishment as Galliano?

We are in an age where half the world’s population (three billion) live in abject poverty, on less than £1.50 per day, and can’t even buy a litre of petrol – let alone a car. The gap between rich and poor is said to be greater now than it’s ever been, so how many billions in total can’t afford a car?

Also the biggest threat to mankind is its production of CO2, and not so much from mankind as a whole, but more from wealthy, inconsiderate jerks like Clarkson, who believe in destructive excesses, regardless of the hardship it imposes on others.

Christian Dior has done right. Why doesn’t the BBC? "

Allan Ramsay

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