The Danlite is a "removable light pod" with a white LED face to the front and a red LED face to the rear. It's attached to a retractable, bendy arm and is said to "create space between you and other traffic." See it in the flesh at Cycle 2002.

Fishers has a one-year exclusive on handlebar-attached LED

The product is an excellent piece of industrial design. The LED faces are protected from wing mirror hits by rubber bumpers and the LED unit snaps off easily for security.

The product is being made in Wales and could be available for distribution in December.

Fisher Outdoor Leisure has exclusive worldwide rights to the Danlite for a year. It will retail for £24.99.

The Danlite was designed by Dan Beard. He’s fighting off international distributors at the ‘new designers’ section of Cycle 2002.

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