The Linda McCartney road team now has an automotive co-sponsor. MTB teams get poncy jeeps; the Sean Yates-managed road team gets Jags!

From tofu burgers to gas guzzlers: McCartney meets Jaguar

According to a news story on, the Linda McCartney-Jacob’s Creek Cycling Team has secured sponsorship from Jaguar, the British car legend.

A Jaguar spokesman said: "We’re looking to get involved in the team and the sport for the long term, and contribute as much to this team’s continued success as possible."

"I think it’s going to be a very interesting year," said team manager Sean Yates. "This will be our fourth year since Linda created the team. Her company’s faith in us has been the driving force (sic) ever since then, and now massive companies like Jacob’s Creek and Jaguar have recognised what an exciting and powerful sport this is."

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