Fulcrum announces range of e-MTB specific wheels.

Italian wheel manufacturer Fulcrum has announced the launch of a wheel designed specifically for the fast-growing e-MTB market.

The Fulcrum E-MTB line-up is customised for e-MTB frames, which, despite looking similar to their leg-powered counterparts, place different strains on drivetrains and wheels.

Fulcrum states that their new range has been designed to ensure resistance to stronger impacts and transfer the extreme power from e-MTB drivetrains in a package that remains lightweight and sturdy.

The company confidently claims that the headspokes are 13 per cent more resistant than their leg-powered counterparts; disc flanges five per cent more rigid; a hub body system that is four times more reliable; specific nipple and nipple housing that is seven per cent more reliable; and an internal rim support structure with 12 per cent more rigidity.

Fulcrum has also announced the revamp of its Racing range, improving the aesthetics, durability, and weight of its Racing 4, 5, 6 models.

All models will be made available in 2019. 

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