2003 was a banner year, one of the hottest and driest for the last four centuries. European bicycle dealers did a storming trade but according to SAZbike, the German trade magazine, the sales lift didn't go as stratospheric as the mercury...

German IBDs increased TO in 03, but not by much

In a survey of 300 German IBDs, turnover in 2003 increased by 2.9 percent over the 2002.

The strongest growth was recorded with parts and accessories at + 3.9 percent, and with repairs, + 5.7percent.

Bicycles sales grew by just 0.8 percent. Bizarrely, bikewear sales decreased by 3.6 percent.

33 percent of the participants in SAZbike’s survey said that their profits in 2003 were good or very good. 44 percent had "medium" profits; 18 percent complained about "a bad profit situation". 5 percent reported a "very bad profit situation.

Most of the turnover in in the 300 IBDs was generated by bicycle sales (53.7 %), followed by parts and accessories sales (22.6 %), revenue from repairs and service (18 %) and bikewear sales (5.7 %).

The average sales price was 560 EUR, an increase by only 4 EUR compared to a SAzbike survey from 2002.

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