Hmm, not quite but at least Customs & Excise and the Inland Revenue yesterday set up a joint helpline to advise businesses affected by FMD about the tread softly line they will be taking in the next few weeks

Get yourself a VAT-and-tax holiday thanks to FMD!

BikeBiz: Can businesses call you, say they cant pay their tax and you wont mind?

Inland Revenue press officer: We shall be looking at every case individually. We shall be taking a sympathetic approach to all cases. We dont want rural businesses to get desperate in this crisis…We may waive financial penalties…Were keen to help all we can.

Tel: 0845 3000157 (8am to midnight)


Barclays yesterday confirmed it would extend its loan break scheme to indusries other than farming. Other banks are expected to follow suit.

And the Small Business Service is expected to extend the Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme.

In other news...

RoseVelo to exclusively distribute Bar Fly in UK

RoseVelo has announced the exclusive UK distribution of Bar Fly GPS, action camera and computer …