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It may not have the budgets of seed capital funded bike portals but GoFar-mtb.com makes up for that with energy, zeal and perseverance.

GoFar continues to innovate

After their successful launch of downloadable route cards using genuine OS maps (which works very well indeed), GoFar-mtb.com has innovated once again: it put web-cams on two riders at the past weekends Avalanche Cup in Scotland.

The files take an age to download but put you right there in the thick of the action.

Matt Farmer of Team Raleigh (RIP) whizzed down the course in 4 mins (to take 2nd overall) so his film is the quickest to download but GoFars Shaun Murray’s is a full 11 minutes (and seven crashes) of digitised footage.

Matt did a running commentary for us too which we will be dubbing over the video footage shortly, says GoFars editor, Mark Alker.

Matt Farmer = http://www.gofar-mtb.com/News/136.html

Shaun Murray = http://www.gofar-mtb.com/News/135.html

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