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The web giant wants its staff to be fit and lively and so has 'done an Ikea' and has provided staffers with a catalogue from which they can choose free bikes and kit. The eco- and health-conscious largesse is for Europe, Africa and the Middle East only, Google staffers in America can go whistle...

Google gifts bikes to staff

At Christmas, the UK arm of Ikea gifted all 9000 staffers with free folding bikes, sourced by Raleigh UK from a factory in Eastern Europe.

Now Raleigh Germany has done a deal with Google to offer bikes of all shapes and sizes to Google staff across Europe. All the bikes will be branded with the Google logo. Pix of the bikes and more info can be found here.

And as well as a folding bike and men’s and women’s hybrids, there’s to be a Google cruiser as well. The hybrids in the pix are not equipped with mudguards and rack. As these are meant to be commuting bikes this is either an omission or a gift to bike shops.

2000 Google staffers were emailed a Google bike catalogue on Thursday. Orders have to be placed with Google human resources by 27th April. Google has about 2000 permanent staffers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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