The Gore Ride On sealed shift cable system has been updated, with less friction and reduced weight.

Gore Ride On creates ultra-light cable pack

Housing weight of Gore Ride On’s new shifting set reduced by over 40 percent over the existing system. Shifting friction reduced by over 20 percent, claims Gore.

Gore Ride On’s Ultralight Sealed Shift Cable System offers "significant performance advances in critical areas, setting a new benchmark for cable performance, and delivering a noticeably improved riding experience," said Lois Mabon, Gore Ride On’s product manager.

Cable housing weight is reduced by 42 percent and the housing flexibility is improved for complicated routing. The length liner is now fully lubricated, reducing friction by more than 20 percent, improving shifting feel and precision. A redesigned, shortened Grub seal, ensures compatibility with all new derailleurs.

The pricing has yet to be announced. The new cables can be seen on Gore Ride On’s stand at Eurobike, B1-109.

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