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Cycling England and the Central Office of Information have joined forces to launch a big budget promotional campaign to publicise Bike to School Week and Bikeforall.net. Click within for a sneak preview of the campaign's audio 'press release'.

Government promo campaign sends traffic to Bikeforall.net

An online campaign, coordinated by the Central Office of Information, has started to drive traffic to the ‘official’ Bike to School Week page at http://www.bikeforall.net/bike_to_school_week_2006.php

The offline PR campaign consists of an audio-tape supplied to radio stations. Featured on the tape are Katherine Rooney of Sustrans and Rob Fuller of CTC. The cue material supplied with the audio press release states that Bikeforall.net is the website radio stations should mention when using the audio material. Fuller goes further, spelling out the URL, letter by letter.

The audio campaign has been placed on a podcast:


Access the podcast via that URL or subscribe to the Cycling: News/Views podcast via iTunes on PCs or Macs. The keywords to type in are ‘carlton reid’.

To subscribe to Bikeforall’s news service go here: feed://www.bikeforall.net/rss.php

There’s also an events news feed: feed://www.bikeforall.net/rss-events.php

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